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Release - Frank Bozak

Hearing your music again after a few weeks away from it made me realize that I felt much better when I made time to spend with everyday.

I'm not sure why this is true, it just is. Hope you make to Rochester again soon.

Music For Your Spleen - Healing music - Frank Bozak, Reiki Master

What a great CD!! I will recommend it to anyone who likes music.

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Experience the Power trademarkFree
Each week I will compose a new segment of healing music. You are free to download each segment. Each segment will contain suggestions on how to implement the music into a daily meditative practice.

Frank Bozak, Reiki Master, Composer, HealerI first became interested in healing while stationed with the Pacific Fleet Band, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


Learning to Listen

As a musician who never trusted his ears, learning to listen seems like a daunting task. What I am finding to be even harder, is not listening.


If you would like to comment or offer me some feedback feel free to send me an e mail. Due to idiots and their spam, I am no longer accepting comments on this site.

Turning 30, again

The decade of my thirties was perhaps my favorite and most productive time in my life. While that decade started off on what appeared to be shaky ground it yielded many memories and lessons that have stood the test of time.

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