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Release - Frank Bozak

Currently, I am using "Release..." in a breathing class that I conduct. One day while the "Inner Child " was playing, a woman in the class burst out laughing. In a few minutes she was crying.

After class she came to me and explained that while she was laughing, she suddenly realized that it had been years since she last laughed, and that made her cry.

Music For Your Spleen - Healing music - Frank Bozak, Reiki Master

I thought you might like to know that my seven year old son will not go to sleep until I play this CD for him. His favorite selection is the one for the heart.

Experience the Power trademarkFree
Each week I will compose a new segment of healing music. You are free to download each segment. Each segment will contain suggestions on how to implement the music into a daily meditative practice.

Frank Bozak, Reiki Master, Composer, HealerI first became interested in healing while stationed with the Pacific Fleet Band, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


Teach Me Who I Am and Why I Am Here.

If you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing, you may feel lost and alone in your surroundings.
You begin to feel that you are far behind everyone else. Everyone seems to get it, except you.

People who feel this way often seek other means of finding themselves, such as alcohol or drugs.

New Year's Prayer

As this new year begins I ask to be connected with my source of knowledge and strength.

Help me to integrate methods of the past into the present, to help the future.

Don't give up before you start

December is a month when procrastinators meet their match.

As the year is drawing to a close,
we tend to dwell on the things that we have not accomplished,
rather than what we have accomplished.

On top of that, there may be holiday obligations that need to be met with thought and care. With the sense of time running out, it is easy to stick our head in the snow,

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