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Release - Frank Bozak

Currently, I am using "Release..." in a breathing class that I conduct. One day while the "Inner Child " was playing, a woman in the class burst out laughing. In a few minutes she was crying.

After class she came to me and explained that while she was laughing, she suddenly realized that it had been years since she last laughed, and that made her cry.

Music For Your Spleen - Healing music - Frank Bozak, Reiki Master

I have been working as a psychic medium for 20 years. These CDS are wonderful to mediate or just wash away stress. I highly recommend them all.

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Experience the Power trademarkFree
Each week I will compose a new segment of healing music. You are free to download each segment. Each segment will contain suggestions on how to implement the music into a daily meditative practice.

Frank Bozak, Reiki Master, Composer, HealerI first became interested in healing while stationed with the Pacific Fleet Band, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


Springtime Prayer

The seed of doubt is one of the easiest to plant, and the quickest to bloom. When the flower of doubt is the most prevalent flower in our garden, we begin to assume that everything we plant will turn out the same.

When this assumption becomes belief, we may begin a pattern of non-engagement. We do not fully understand our role in the game of life, and, we haven’t a clue how to play.

Learning to Listen

As a musician who never trusted his ears, learning to listen seems like a daunting task. What I am finding to be even harder, is not listening.


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